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Amulea GmbH

Stay BIOtiful

Anti-Aging inspired by Nature


Amulea GmbH

The company headquarter is settled down in Frankfurt/Main because of the strategic position of this city in the centre of Germany, in the heart of Europe.

Amulea is a brand new and completely independent company and it is working from the beginning of its business operations with different multinational partners. We began the distribution of decorative cosmetics brand and with orientation to lifestyle cosmetics distribution. Amulea takes the leading position in cosmetic products distribution in Germany.

Our young and ambitious team works with the portfolio of different internationl products. And the experienced sales representatives cover all regions of Germany and all around the european union. Using the modern technologies ensures that your order is processed in the distribution centre within a minute.

The goods are delivered to the point of sale by a reliable delivery parcel service.


“Das Amulea Serum macht meine Haut so zart und gleichzeitig tu ich was gegen die kleinen Fältchen. […] Ich bin mehr als begeistert und für mich ist es nicht mehr wegzudenken […]”

Model: Gina-L.